What is a WhiteStar Affiliate?

WhiteStar Communication Affiliates have the ability to create their own dedicated Society Communities and SubCommunities which they own and moderate.

Community owners can maintain their own moderation and censorship rules in their communities and post the content they want freely.

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Society subscribers can choose to support their favorite content creators in the app by pressing the support button at the top of their communities. 

Affiliates will then receive a portion of the supporter's subscription fee at no additional cost to the user. They can also track the number of supporters they have online through the Affiliate web portal.

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Support an Affiliate

Learn more about how you can support your favorite affiliates.

Become an Affiliate

If you wish to become an Affiliate and host your own Community, click here to complete the application form.

Affiliate Login

If you are an existing affiliate, you can click here to access the affiliate web portal.