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Society functions unlike any other communication or social media app in the world. We treat you the way you want to be treated—not like a product to be sold for profit.

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Who owns your data?

With traditional social media, "free" apps are never truly free. You pay with your data.

When you use todays apps, everything you do is spied on.

Your messages, pictures, videos, and behavior are all recorded.

Apps can even access your browser history, microphone, camera, and gps.

All that data then gets uploaded to the cloud.

Where it can be stolen or sold off for profit.

But Society is different.

But Society is different.

Rather than routing your data through the cloud, where it can be spied on,


we send it directly to your recipient, without ever being stored on a server.


Utilizing our state of the art pairwise encryption,

we make it impossible for anyone to spy on your data.


And on Society, you always own your data.

Anything you post or send through Society belongs to you.

You can edit or delete your content at any time.


With Society, you always stay connected.

Add as many devices as you want under one subscription.

Your content will instantly update between all of them.


Invite as many people as you want into your network.

Communicate freely with everyone in your communities.

Talk to whoever you like.

Banish whoever you don't.

On Society you are in control.

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