Why is SOCIETY special?

Great question, we're glad you asked! SOCIETY came out of our collective frustration with the current status quo in online social interactions. We were frustrated with a lot of things, namely the lack of data ownership and true data privacy. Right now, when you go on traditional social media platforms, you're stuck giving away your data to big companies who bundle that up and sell you - yes you, the user - to companies who want to use you for profit. We're not a fan of this. Not only do we think it's creepy, it's also unfair to you.

SOCIETY doesn't monitize you. We have a transparent subscription model that costs $1.99 per month, localized to your currency. This helps us provide SOCIETY as an ad-free experience where users aren't being unwittingly sold as the product, and is a flat rate fee. Our aim is to continually improve SOCIETY by adding more functionality onto the app over time. This will help you prevent your data from falling into the prying hands of the big tech companies, so you can truly own your content.

Say, what do you mean by "Content Ownership"?

Also a great question. Our users own the content they share on SOCIETY. That means a few things: firstly, when you send content, regardless if it's a photo, video, a text message or a Community post, you control that content. That means you can edit and delete content after sending, and unlike with some other social media sites, when you delete or edit content, we don't retain a copy of that content, squirreled away in some dimly lit basement server. When it gets deleted, it becomes cryptographically invalid, meaning it can no longer be viewed by anyone, and because SOCIETY doesn't operate with servers, there's never an original copy stashed away somewhere

Secondly, it means that we don't monitize your content for profit. That would be stealing, since you as the creator have the right to monitize your own content. We don't havest your meta-data and sell it to advertisers, and we don't use your phone's hardware to spy on the things you type, say, or see with your camera. We don't creepily use your phone's photos permissions to look through your entire photo library and catalogue the things you have taken pictures of with photo recognition software.

The net takeaway is this - we try to treat you the way we want to be treated, not like a product to be sold for profit. On SOCIETY, you own your content.

So SOCIETY has a private messenger built in?

YEP! And we mean private. SOCIETY has state of the art cryptography that's not just end-to-end, it also protects your messages at rest. This means, unlike some other messengers, your messages are protected not just from interception, but also from being hacked while sitting in your phone's storage. Some other apps just protect the message in flight, but decrypt private messages after delivery and store them in plain text on your phone.

SOCIETY also uses pair-wise cryptography rather than group cryptography. This is a super important distinction, one that seperates ordinary messengers from great private messengers.