Electronic Counter-Measures

It’s not paranoia if “they” really are out to get you. 

The sad truth is the world we live in is full of advanced persistent threats to your personal privacy and security - everything from spyware designed to steal your banking data, to corporate espionage, malware and the rest of a host of nasty programs built to ruin your day. And even sadder, there are often times apps on the average mobile phone user’s device that can be used to deliver malicious software. These “zero click” hacks have been the bane of security expert’s lives over the past few years and rightfully so - the idea that a hacker can remotely upload malicious code onto a user’s mobile device and use that code to steal sensitive data is a nightmare scenario.

WhiteStar helps to ameliorate the likelihood of a “zero click” hack by using a combination of methods, including WhiteStar’s ECM suite. ECM helps to protect users from threats pertaining to their device’s hardware as well as reducing the “temporal surface area” of a user’s exposure. By enabling ECM on your Society account, you will be adding an additional layer of security above and beyond Society’s standard suite of cybersecurity protocols to help secure your digital privacy. 

Security features of ECM include but are not limited to:

Threat Protection

User settings on reminders to restart your phone

Enhanced Security

Additional password security and login checks

Password Protection

User settings to change user password acceptability thresholds

Malware Detection

Warnings and detectors for malware and suspicious behavior